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Pot And Pecker's (Gay) Part 1

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Pot And Pecker's (Gay) Part 1Every since I was a young k** I've been curious about sex, after all I had tons of men touch me or treat me differently since I was even to old to mention. I would have my dad be close to me, my brother my cousins, and even a coach or two. I was a younger smooth skin blonde and blue eye k** I guess that attracted them or maybe it was me just willing to say yes, i'm not really sure.My mom and dad split before I could walk I guess and I have an idea now, but not then, that sleeping in my father's bed all those years may have been wrong but I didn't care because half the time it was just me and him and what happened there and the screams at night were forgotten the next day. The other times I would crawl into bed with my brother and even though we never messed around in bed at night we did have a interesting encounter that started a trend with the two of us.I knew my dad and brother were open minded so when I would get hot in the summer I would either walk around in nothing or walk around in a thong or half the time just a shirt no bottoms. Even when our cousins would come to stay in the summer weekends I would half the time in the day walk around with my smooth tight hole hanging out for the world to see.Over the course of a few weekends one of my cousins got the courage to ask my brother, although he never told me until a few days after they wanted to know why I would walk around naked or have an erection. My brother said he told them I was cock hungry or that I was a fucking queer begging for a good pounding.I was out in the yard one day and one of my favorite spots was behind a storage building in our back yard, I decided to go back there and play in the pond or just be by myself in the nude. While I was walking I could see my oldest cousin come slowing across the yard behind me. I was almost scared because he was massive in size, like 6'2'' and a real strong cowboy type.I tried to run around the building and get to my spot before he could catch up with me, but he yelled my name and wanted me to wait. I'm not really sure what my other cousin and brother were doing, but it seemed like he was all by his self. When he got up to me he put his arm around my neck and pulled me close to his hip and said "where are you going with that tight little pussy."I told him "I don't have a pussy I have a butthole.""Yeah a real smooth tight hole." he said.He asked me if I would bend over a stump in the yard and let him see it close, I said sure. I was shaking so much I wanted to just collapse on the yard but I held it together and got up on the stump on my knee's. He started saying things to me like "god damn that thing is nice." and "You get a lot of cock in that pretty boy pussy."without warning me I felt one hand go over the top of my ass and push it down and the same time I felt two or three of his fingers push up against my ass. It hurt real bad cause he didn't open it all the way at first he just rammed it in. next thing I know he stood up and said he wanted to take his pants off and get more comfortable. I turned around and tried to help but he pushed my hands away and told me not to fucking touch him and if he wanted me to touch him he would tell me. He snapped his jeans button open and unzipped his pants. His bulge was so big he could barley get his pants off his thighs because they were so tight. once he got his pants down and his big 8 inch cock was flapping out he said to turn back around. By this time I heard my brother and other cousin in the back yard yelling for him, but he put his hand over my mouth and made a shh'ing motion with his hand. I didn't know what was really going on so I stayed quiet and didn't make a sound. He told me he didn't want them to know that he was going to do this. I kind of understood so I played along. Once it got quiet again he said he had to hurry up and without warning he stood up and lifted my ass up in the air and I felt it, pressing all the way into me until his thighs were smushing my ass cheeks together. He started calling out names like "you queer, yeah pretty little pussy boy, i'm gonna cum in you, bet you never felt a load like i'm gonna give you." he was smacking my ass and I mean hard hard pounding, more than I had ever felt, it was so rough I couldn't even speak any words what so ever. At one time It felt like he was lifting me up in the air with just his dick because I lost sense of where his hands were. I felt his balls his the bottom of my butthole and knew what was about to come. He grabbed me with both his hands under each armpit and wrapped his hands around my shoulders to pull me close or make me stop moving forward when he pounded. He said I had better pussy than his girl and that he was going to come get a regular piece of this ass whenever he could. then without warning he pulled his dick all the way out of my hole and I thought it was over but he rammed it all the way in as deep as he could. He said he wanted me to get ready for it, because here it came. he rammed his dick deep in me and started making short thrust's. then all of a sudden he pulled his cock out and let me roll over on the ground and got down on his knee's , one knee on each side of my head and put his cock in my mouth and started saying "yeah taste a piece of that pussy hole" and right when he said that he rammed it deep inside of me, deep throat face fucking me and I felt him cum. I couldn't speak, breath or say anything , so all I had to do was swallow his load and try not to puke while gagging. he stayed still for about 1 minute with his wet sticky cock hanging over my face. He then got up and I watched as he packed his still semi hard dick in his pants and adjust it, he wasn't wearing underwear so I could see a little spot that his wet dick was making. He said not to tell anyone about this, and I really didn't agree or anything and I watched him walk away and about a minute later heard some laughing and shit coming from the back yard like nothing had ever happened. . I stayed in my little spot for a few minutes laying naked and used on the ground. .......It being not my first time with a straight acting guy, I knew what to do, or how to act , so I got my shirt back on and composed myself.........and about 10 minutes I walked over to my cousins and brother. I was acting normal but I think my brother and other cousin knew because I wasn't wearing bottoms still and had hand prints all over my ass and had an erection. . . I said it was nothing and was gonna go watch some tv. .........(the second part will be continued.......)
04-07-2021, at 02:31 PM

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