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I Was Asked About My Quickest Hookup Ever?

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I Was Asked About My Quickest Hookup Ever?Quickest ever was about a few years back, when I visited a bar round 2 in the afternoon. I wasn?t really dressed up; just in leggings, makeup and earrings. The bar showed gay and transgender videos on the monitors instead of sports which was a nice change of pace. Some guy talked me up as soon as I sat down and kept buying me drinks. We had some small talk about him being in town to meet a client and blah, blah blah. A few times he caught looking at has swelling bulge as we talked and drank. He asked to play a game of darts after adjusting himself a few and I was like ?sure.? Thank God no one was near the dartboard because I was throwing them all over the place. I thought it was cute that whenever I picked up my darts off the floor, he commented that I must be bending over on purpose. On our third round he offered to help me with my aim by getting behind me and helping me throw; making sure I could feel his package rub against my backside. When I was trying to line up my next to last shot, he again mentioned that his hotel room was close the bar. I knew he was a married man trolling for a piece of sissy piece of ass, but that lump under his pants made it okay. After a couple of more drinks and butt pats, we thought it was time to leave because the rest of the guys in the bar were watching us more than the porn on the monitors. It was only a half block walk to his hotel and in the elevator his hand was on my thick ass the entire time.Almost as soon as we were in the room, he dropped is pants freeing his nice sized chubby. I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to show off my sucking skills. Within moments his precum leaking cock was in my mouth and my hand was gently massaging is hairy balls. As he pumped my face, I sucked and stroked trying to help relieve his built-up pressure. I loved hearing him moan and give his ?fuck yeah? between the slurps and licks, and when I raised his cock and licked his balls, he let out a loud ?FUCK!? Just as I was getting into it, he pulled away and said it was time for me to get out of my legging. In a flash I was out of them and ass up on the bed getting the rim job of my life. Kiss, kiss, lick then a moist tongue in my hole, damn he was good! Once I was slick enough, he stood up, lined is cock up behind me and with no pretense invaded my sissy cunt with his bare cock. It pushed through my hole and he humped my ass like he just got out of jail. He fucked the shit out me. I loved every second and kept raising my ass so he could get in deeper. He rode me until he said he was going to cum in my fat ass and I told him ?don?t you dare pull out? but I knew he was going to blow his load in me regardless of permission. He locked onto my waist with a super strong grip and humped my sissy pussy like a jack rabbit. Faster and fast his cock fucked me, in the heat of the moment told him ?GIVE ME THOSE BABIES!? as I felt the wetness of cock juice and the pulsating spasms of DNA being pumped in my asshole. I rocked my body back trying to milk every drop of cum out his balls until he finally pulled out and my ass which made a wet farting noise. Then told me I could clean off myself as he laid on the bed and turned on the tv. Once I was out the bathroom, he asked could he call me the next time he is in town. That was the first since meeting in the bar that we got each other?s name.
04-07-2021, at 02:31 PM

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