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Mom in the Hizzouse

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Mom in the HizzouseI really should have thought twice when I accepted Mom's call. But, she'd been down since Dad left, and I hadn't been around to see her much, being busy with my own life.She wanted to come Downtown for a girls weekend with me. Life in the burbs was apparently getting claustrophobic and she wanted to go shopping and whatnot. So, I invited her to come Friday after work, and stay the weekend in my tiny little apartment.Friday night, and we went out for a drink in a swanky, but dreadfully dull hotel bar. As depressed as she was, she kept up good spirits, smiling and chatting away about all the gossip back on Wisteria Lane. And I tried to appear interested, but didn't do a good enough job, because she soon suggested we go somewhere more exciting."Where do you go on a Friday night? There's got to be some life Downtown? Dancing? Boys?"I sighed, and took her to the club, thinking she'd get tired of the loud thumping music, and all the 20-somethings like myself. And I figured since it was a straight-friendly gay bar, she'd get uncomfortable with all the guys making out and want to leave early.Nope. Mom was energized. Right after walking in, my 42 year old mom made a beeline for the dance floor, and when I dragged her off, she ordered us shots! My mom! Doing shots, and then dancing again! I'm 22 and I was having trouble keeping up with her. So, I pulled her off the main dance floor, and up into the glass-enclosed bar above, so we could talk a bit and still watch everything. Something told me all this happiness was forced.But the bar is where it all went wrong. After we did our second shot, I saw trouble coming. And her name was Angie. Angie and I dated briefly, like, one night, and it was horrible. Horrible enough to keep me away from women for a while. And I completely forgot this is where Angie hung out. And where we met.Mom noticed the grimace on my face, and asked what was wrong. Whoo boy. How to explain this one."Mom, you see that girl over there in the red? Yeah, well, we slept together once. And I never called her back.""You slept with a girl?""Yeah, Mom. I have.""Are you... lesbian?""No, Mom. I'm bi. I guess. I dunno. I'm just trying things out, ya know?""Well, good for you. I'm proud of you...", she never got to finish her sentence because Angie had made eye contact and was coming over. She was not a pleasant person, and the only reason I had gone home with her was because I was blasted out of my mind, and had just broken up with a guy. And she had flirted something fierce with me for about a month before making her move."Hey Karen. Haven't seen you around in a while. This your new lay?""Angie, this is my...", but Mom cut me off."Hi, Angie, I'm Shelly. Karen hadn't told me about you."Angie ignored Mom, and stared at me. "She's kinda old. I didn't know you went for the dried up snatch."Let me interject that my Mom does not look old at all. She's a little frumpy, granted, but she doesn't look old at all. And now, she looked angry.Mom moved in close to Angie, with fury in her eyes. "Listen, bitch. Karen is with me now. So, why don't you get your fat ass back down to the White Castle for some more sliders." With that, Mom hooked her arm through mine, and led me back downstairs to the dance floor."What a cunt!" she said. And I was flabbergasted. My mother talking like that. The combination of shots and an angry mother, I guess."Mom, maybe we should go...""Fuck that. Let a bully talk like that to you and then run off? She'll just bully you again and again, and you'll never be able to come back here again! Bitch.""Mother! Language!"But she couldn't hear me over the music. And we danced. And after about two songs, the anger left her face. She was smiling again. An honest smile. She was actually having fun. She wasn't faking it. And I realized what a beautiful smile Mom had. She really was a beautiful woman, just beat down by a loveless marriage, and a dull life in Nowheresville.Then Mom started dancing really close to me. I was puzzled, until I indicated with her eyes upward. Looking without looking, I could see Angie up there, staring at us. I got it as Mom started grinding on me. She was "marking her territory", and deliberately pissing off Ang.As we bumped and grinded, I ran my hands up and down her sides, remembering how much fun girls could be. Almost forgetting this was my mother.And I nearly forgot completely when she buried her face in my neck, and grabbed my ass. I reached around and spanked hers, and she pulled back with a shocked look that quickly turned... dare I say seductive?I returned the look, although I'm not sure why. There was no way Angie could see our expressions that clearly, what with the lights and the darkness, and the throng of people on the floor.Mom leaned in and whisper/shouted in my ear, "One more shot, and lets get a cab home." Only this time, when we went upstairs, she led the way, towing, my hand in hers.From across the bar, Ang glared, and Mom glared back. We did our shots, and Mom pulled me close. "Gotta make it look good, or she'll never leave you alone." And then she kissed me. Full on, open mouth. And I liked it. I was just getting into it, and about to slip her tongue, when she broke it off, leaving me both breathless and speechless.Again, hand in hand, we went downstairs, and out the front door. "Mom, I...""Stop calling me Mom. Call me Shelly. Gotta keep up appearances!"We piled into the back of a cab, and Mom, Shelly, pulled me close."That was exhilarating! I haven't had this much fun in years! You're a great kisser, you know?"With that, she leaned over and kissed me again, squeezing my hand as she did. Only this time, the kiss went longer. And there was just a hint of tongue, started by her, when the cabbie yelled."C'mon! How am I supposed to focus on the road with you two doing that?"Mom giggled, apologized and gave me a sexy smile. The rest of the ride was silent, leaving my swimming head to try to analyze the feelings I was having. I was aroused, for sure. But equally confused. Was Mom just drunk, or what was going on?In the elevator, she pulled me close again. "Kiss me.""But, you're my mother...""Not tonight. I'm Shelly, and I want you to kiss me." She didn't give me a chance to respond, or even to kiss, because she moved in and kissed me. Full on, open mouth, and with full tongue this time. And her hands slid to my ass, pulling me in so I couldn't resist even if I wanted to. But I didn't want to.By the time the elevator reached my floor I was completely and utterly aroused. My nipples were hard, and my panties were wet. We'd barely closed the door when Mom, Shelly, grabbed me and kissed me again, moaning softly in my ear. We started undressing each other in the hall and were down to panties and bras by the time we made it to my bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and climbed on top, thrusting her hips against mine.My bra unhooked in front and she was on it faster than a 15 year old boy. She kissed and licked and suckled my nipples in the most perfect way. I thought I'd come before she even got south of my bellybutton. But I didn't have to wait long. Shelly kissed her way down my tummy, tickling me slightly as she went. I'd only been with four other women, including Angie, but this one knew all the right buttons to push. And she wasn't hesitating either. She got right to the point.She buried her face in my panty crotch and munched as she inhaled. I arched my back as I felt her lips through the satin of my soaked underwear.I thought I heard her say under her breath, "I should have done this years ago", but I didn't get a chance to dwell on it as she went back for another munch.As she worked her tongue against my clit this time, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down. I lifted my legs to assist in the removal, and she responded by slowly, forcefully licking the length of my pussy, lingering at the top.Almost an orgasm from that one.And it seemed like she was just getting warmed up. With one hand, she spread my lips, and with the other, started fingering me lightly. I shivered, and moaned again. I raised my head, and caught her eye, and she gave me a lustful look that couldn't have come from anyone's mother. But I didn't have time to dwell, as she pounced on my clit with her mouth, and slid two fingers inside.I didn't take me long after that. But she wasn't done. She licked and fingered me to two more orgasms before coming up for air, wiping her mouth on my thigh. She nestled in next to me, kissing me softly as we lay in silence."What did you mean when you said...""Hush, baby girl."Silence for another few minutes."But I didn't... you didn't...""Don't you worry about that, sweetie. You close your pretty eyes, baby. There's time for that in the morning."And she was right.
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