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About Rita Darling Bosser

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About Rita Darling BosserAbout Rita Darling BosserAbout 18 years ago in Buffalo, I was introduced to the ?finer? side of life, and Rita was born. At first, it was just a once in awhile thing. I was married to a prude who?s ?idea of sexual relations? was once a month. I was searching and found Rita. In Rochester, I met a woman and we started to have relations and it is completely hetro.One night we were discussing what to watch on TV when I came over?nothing great was on?I suggested a movie, and she said could I rent a porn movie. Well I got a couple on porn movies. This went on for a couple of months, one night in the movie?a Transexual scene was in the movie. After a discussion on the scene, she told me she thought it was kind of sexy and turn her on... I told her that I like the idea?that night I slept in a red stain nightgown. The next morning, we f*** until noon. Neither of us did go to work.I let her pace the way?one night she asks if I wanted to dress for Halloween in a couple of months for a party. I say okay reluctantly (hehe). During the next couple of months?she made me practice make-up, walking in 3.5 inch heels, dressing, and having a ball. She asked me what name I would like to be called... I said I always like Rita. She wanted to call me Darling. So we comprise I became Rita Darling Bosser. Since she was the boss and her last name Bosser, I choose Bosser as a last name. The party was a success, and I dressed whenever I was over at her place?about two or three time a week. We went to Buffalo alot and there are great clubs to party?and Rita loved the attention she got. Sex was great on nights we went to Buffalo. The clubs in Buffalo are very friendly. One of the places was not your typical gay bar. No clicks and every friendly. There were gays, lesbians, CDs, TGs, couples looking, and straight at the club. Also, it was not a meat market. Yes, there were hook-ups, but not the blatant come-ones, one would normally see.About six years ago, I moved down here and her job moved her to California shortly after that. So much for my friend, I miss my dressing partner. She brought a lot of my clothes and pick out styles for me. She was great in that department. Regarding sex, about 7 years I was out in Buffalo wear a sexy dress. I meet the GG at and we spent most of the evening chatting, laughing, and naturally going to the ladies room together. Once in a while some guy would ask us to dance. She asked if I wanted to go to her house for a couple of drinks?in anticipation?I said yes. WOW! WAS I EVER IN FOR A SURPRISE. We kiss outside and walk arm-in-arm to the door. It open and her CD wife was there with drinks in hand. A threesome evolved. It was a wild but GREAT night. I learn how to give a BJ and found out what it was liked to be penetrated. I felt like a real woman. Having oral and anal by both a GG and CD---very wild. I love it. Not much sleeping that night. It was especially wild all three of us wearing garters and stockings. I love the rubbing of nylons.One of the coolest things was going to Boston, dressing and going out to the clubs there. Always fun. NYC is pretty cool to. In DC, close to where I now live, it is not so hot. Too many tranny hookers, it ruins it for all. Guys there think if you are dressed---that gives them the right to ?man-handle? a girl.I meet the woman down here; we moved in together?she was stone cold against cross-dressing... I threw away with all my outfits?wigs, shoes, dresses and under garments. Now that Rita is reborn?new clothes, shoes and whatever. FUN One night we watch BBC America?they had a great program on Transvestites, and the spouses. It was great and how the wife to explain her feelings about her mate?s dressing. Not feeling threaten or put off about. My live-in girlfriend said it was very disgusting and men should not be allowed to do it. I ask why? She said it was not right (lame excuse) and no man of hers would be around if he did it. I asked about women wearing men?s clothes in public??That?s okay? was her comment. I said what if the man only cross dressed in the privacy of the home?again?NO WAY!!! She has accused me of being online with other women. ?Little does she know!? I told that I am not online with of women. Did not mention the ?gurls.? (hehe) I did not lie.Now, my GG GF has let her daughter and grandk**s move in?there is not any privacy and/or time for Rita. I do get time on the internet, because I have an office in the house?but people are always coming into the office-----thank God for hot keys (hide what is happen on the screen instantly and goes to an excel spreadsheet. So that is why Rita is a secret and remains under wraps except with friends. Dressing is difficult?only when I travel?and sometimes she goes with me?another bummer. I did have the make-over at Femme Fever in the NYS area. Karen was simple divine. Worked with me and was just a pleasure. Basically this is me.
04-15-2021, at 01:47 PM

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